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what led up to a man's killing spree in the east bay? did it begin with his girlfriend? a senate showdown, carly fiorina takes on barbara boxer and things get personal. highlights from their high stakes debate. good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. time now is 4:30. we will get you started with rob mayeda. could be a hot one today. >> it's a warm one outside this morning. 66 in san jose. 68 in san francisco.
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the wind is light. no sea breeze yet. and with that warm running start to the day, we will see a hot day around san francisco. lunch time approaching 90 around the peninsula. inland temperatures, lots of 90s by noon. by 4:00, the coast and san francisco cools off, the tri valley close to 100. los gatos also near 100. cooler weather arrives starting tomorrow. labor day weekend, highs back into the 70s and 80s. >> want to take an early look at the commute with mike. >> good morning. taking you to the south bay where we had an earlier accident that just cleared. chp minutes ago reporting the northbound 280 on-ramp at 4th street clearing just after an accident at 3:30. they removed a car and some degree. we have construction effecting an on-ramp for northbound 101 at blossom hill is closed until 6:00, and capital expressway off-ramp is closed until 6:00 as well. you are still able to travel
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north and south 101 through san jose. typical slow spots for overnight construction until about 5:00. investigators are trying to come up with a possible motive this morning behind that killing spree in the east bay. four people are dead and police say they're connected to one man. efren valdemoro. but what led to the rampage is unclear, it may have started with jealousy. >> it's just so sad. she will never get to see her son get married or be a grandmother. you know. shale never get to travel the way she talked about. >> reporter: sandra lee is heart broken and confused. her friend and co-worker, 46-year-old cindy tran, is dead. police say tran's boyfriend, efren valdemoro kidnapped and killed her. tran left her job at dillon's salon in vallejo sunday night,
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minutes later she called a relative for help. >> she made contact with a relative and advised them that efren had taken her by force. >> reporter: police say pleasant hill police spotted tran's car that night. after a high-speed chase that ended in richmond, chp officers shot and killed efren valdemoro inside a supermarket. tran was dead in the front passenger seat. police says she had severe injuries to her head and neck. lay said tran loved valdemoro but noticed a change in him over recent months. >> the first year or so they started dating, you know, he would bring coffees, be really nice. just the last few months it's been really weird. you know, his attitude has kind of changed. >> reporter: police say four days before valdemoro killed tran, he murdered 73-year-old ricardo sales in this house in hercules. tran owned the house and rented rooms to sales and his son
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frederick. police believe valdemoro thought something romantic was going on and he killed sales in a jealous rage friday morning. >> the suspect thought there was possibly something going on between the father or the son. >> reporter: frederick sales has not been seen since his father was killed. knowing valdemoro's history, police are concerned. >> vallejo police say before the past few days valdemoro did not have a known history of violence though he did have an arrest for being drunk in public. investigators are trying to figure out valdemoro's connection to two more women found dead in vallejo. george kiriyama picks up the story from here. >> reporter: vallejo police are trying to figure out if there's a connection between the chemicals and explosives found in the home and the two women who were found dead. >> at this point what his motive was to have that material, we don't know. >> reporter: we know charles rittenhouse is an engineer, the
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question is did he know the bodies were at his home, one, 63-year-old segundia allen and the other, marcaria. >> he did not act in the way we feel a normal person would react. >> reporter: detectives are trying to figure out how the women died and who killed them. >> that, we are still working on. we have leads we're working on. we're trying to solidify what charles rittenhouse's involvement with the murders. and what efren, if he had any involvement at all. >> reporter: his wife's kaes laid was found in hercules, but so far nothing was found inside of it. george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. the man still missing in all of this is frederick sales. stay with nbc bay area news for continuing coverage of this story. we are following developments
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closely and you can always go to for a look at the time line of this case. it is the first day after the major debate in the race for california senate seat. people who study politics say there were no real winners or losers. barbara boxer squaring off with her challenger, republican carly fiorina. the hour-long televised debate was at st. mary's college. they wasted no time attacking each other's record. >> when she was ceo of hewlett-packard before she was terminated, actually, she shifted 30,000 jobs overseas. think of it. that's the size of foster city. >> she voted against body armor. she voted against support for brain trauma and post traumatic stress syndrome. >> political pundits say neither candidate scored a knockout but senator boxer was on her game and fiorina looked senatorial. larry gersten will be in studio
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to talk more about the debate at 5:45. the candidates for governor will face off in a debate before the november election. tom brokaw will be the moderator between that one. it is between meg whitman and jerry brown. it is slated for october 12th. a pittsburg teacher is in hot water after police yanked him from his classroom. he is suspect offend downloading thousands of pornographic pictures. he was arrested after receiving a tip and raiding his home. there they found computers and hard drives filled with child important. birsh was booked into martinez detention facility with a $60,000 bail. the police officer who was shot last week continues to
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improve. donors yesterday gave life-saving blood for officer young. student organizers were proud to help out. >> i also wanted to donate because i just turned eligible, just turned 16 to give blood. i thought it was a worthy cause. >> todd young is a 1989 graduate of santa clara high school and he is the father of two children who are enrolled in the santa clara unified school district. he has undergone several surgeries. right now they say he is in serious but stable condition. the man charged with shooting officer young, andrew berientos says he does not know the person he shot was a police officer. todd young and another police officer were in plainclothes when they tried to serve b berientos an arrest warrant. >> turning to traffic this
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morning, don't get distressed when you see a disabled vehicle out there. >> this disabled vehicle reported southbound 880 out of san leandro and towards the scales there. i'll let you know if chp has to block anything. it sounds like it should be cleared from the flow of traffic. 92 is clear, we have typical reroutes towards hesperian. very light volume earlier. we will follow it, but so far about 14 minutes from 230 north to the top of the map and to the bay bridge toll plaza. no slowing yet. >> the heat is already on the way, if you go out comparatively this time of morning, it will feel warmer. >> a big change from yesterday morning at this time. 66 already in san jose or that's about as cool as it has gotten overnight after we hit the 90s yesterday. san francisco, many days you see a high temperature of 68.
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that is the morning low so far. not much of a sea breeze this morning. 66 right now in oakland, mainly clear skies. all signs pointing to a hot day inland. we have a spare the air day today. east bay towards the tri valley, santa clara valley, both locations unhealthy for sensitive groups. some of the poor air quality could be an issue today. mostly 60s around breakfast time. by lunch time, the peninsula and coast will hit their highs of the day. close to 90 around san francisco at noon. inland temperatures towards less sa pleasanton and livermore, 90s. you will notice temperatures drop off starting tomorrow and saturday. but today, very toasty f y for of the bay area, close to 100 inland. major step towards peace in the middle east.
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and saving bay area families a bundle. the new company that promises free clothes and a way to clean out the clutter. giving the gift of shopping on facebook. how you can now go to the store and spend virtually.
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the discovery channel hostage taker had ties to california. james jay lee was laid off from a san diego job in 2008. it was then he said he was inspired to save the planet and
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apparently by any means. >> i have a gun. i have a bomb. i have several bombs strapped to my body ready to go off. i have a device that if i drop it, if i drop it i'll [ bleep ] explode. >> lee had been protesting at the discovery channel for years saying they had been doing more harm than help. lee walked into the building in silver spring, maryland. >> so how long have you been working on this particular bomb? >> three weeks now. three weeks or a month. >> three weeks? >> i did a lot of research. i had to experiment. >> and how many bombs again do you have? >> i have several. >> lee said he was inspired by environmentalist novels and al
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gore's documentary "an inconvenient truth." in a couple hours a major push for peace in the middle east will begin. benjamin netanyahu and abbas are in washington for talks with president obama. secretary of state hillary clinton will also be involved in peace talks. she will meet with jordan's king abdullah, the president of england and former prime minister tony blair. all hope to reach an agreement within a year. a south bay teenager filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against ab ercrombie & fitch claiming its score in milpitas discriminated against her. the manager allegedly refused to hire her because she wore a religious head scarf. the lawsuit is similar to one filed against the retailer last year by a muslim job applicant in oklahoma.
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a bay area company found a way to save parents with time and money and help with the clutter in the closet. kris sanchez shows us a nationwide swap site that could help you. >> reporter: baby kiley is so big and getting bigger every day, so is her 5-year-old sister, and that means mom has a growing problem, too. >> it seems like with two kids you are always overflowing with clothes. >> reporter: piles and piles of clothes that don't fit but still have life in them. born of this problem, the bay area's national online children's clothing swap. >> as soon as you register as a user on you will receive shipping boxes. you take the box, fill it up with the clothing and you list it as available for a swap. when someone chooses your box as swap, the company will arrange for the pick up, and you leave it and the mailman picks it up. in the meantime you browse for
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boxes that you want sent to you. total cost, 13 bucks. >> once the kids are asleep, i'm watching my tv and on the internet searching. that's when i do my listing of boxes. i bring out my old clothes. i roll them up, put them in the box. >> reporter: members who join for free get a brief description, premium members can list brands, but either way it's clothing that's unstained, and wearable. that's the golden rule, only send what you are willing to get. don't, you get a bad review making a swap less appealing. >> 93% have been rated three or four stars out of four. the quality has been exceptional. >> reporter: it seems moms like the concept. they swapped more than 5,000 boxes since the company launched in april, and the site is adding 1200 new members a month.
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for members like carol, thread-up is a perfect fit. >> you can do it all from home, which i love as a busy mom. >> reporter: kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. the concept is so popular that the company is putting together a costume swap in time for halloween. >> let's go to courtney reagan live at cnbc's headquarters with a market preview. >> futures are a bit lower now. that's after markets roared their way into september with a nice big rally yesterday. a surprisingly strong manufacturing growth last month and manufacturing is seen as a good indicator of when companies may hire again. that's something we have been looking for for a while. asian markets rose overnight. europe slightly lower. they have a couple hours left to trade. more data this morning on new filings for unemployment benefits for activity, labor costs, pending home sales and factory orders.
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the dow jumped 254 points, trading starts today at 10,269. the nasdaq added 62 points to 2176. retailers report august sales throughout the day today. sales are expected to be soft to modest. the stores used discounts to attract shoppers. the weak economy is raising concerns that they won't be able to clear fall merchandise for the holidays. labor day weekend could be a washout for chains on the eastern seaboard. hurricane earl could keep shoppers at home. women are catching up to men, at least come pay day. recent consumer research survey finds women between the ages of 22 and 30 without children had bigger paychecks in 2008 then male counterparts. wages averaged 8% higher but did vary from city to city. atlanta was the best for women with them making more than double what men did.
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quite a surprise, back to. apple rolling out new toys including one for your viewing pleasure. >> hollywood movies and tv shows in your living room whenever you want as well as being able to stream content from netflix, many other places including your own computer right on your tv. >> apple tv starts at $99. you can rent tv shows and movies with that. apple also has the new line of ipods that will let you play and download music on apple's new system called ping. the new shuffle starts at $49 now, and the revamped ipad touch starts at $299. facebook is blurring the lines between the real world and virtual world by selling gift cards. starting on sunday, target will offer facebook gift cards.
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you spend real money but the goods you buy with those cards are social. the applications and the company says more than 20 or rather, 200 million play free social games on facebook each and every month. a brilliant idea to cash in on that, but to buy virtual money? >> it's fake money. it's nothing money. >> amazing. what happened to monopoly money? >> i don't know. >> time is 4:51. speaking of the air, could be a spare the air day today, right? >> we will see another hot day around the bay area today. it could be uncomfortable. even around the bay, 80s and low 90s. right now a mild start to the morning. 66 in san jose. still waiting for the sea breeze to pick up later this afternoon. 66 now in oakland. and san francisco, this is the real shocker. look at that. 68 to get the morning started. notice the water around the bay bridge? flat, calm, not much wind out there. by thf eveniis evening, san fra will cool off. today inland, warming up fast.
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by lunch time in the 90s across much of the bay area inland. starting today for the coast and the inner bay by this evening, the sea breeze cranking up which will lead to a cooling trend as we head towards labor day weekend. the sea breeze not picking up enough to help out the air quality. the worst air quality towards the tri valley, east bay valley, into santa clara valley. unhealthy for sensitive groups. ground level ozone for this afternoon. satellite view, this upper level low spinning off shore. eventually that will help to trigger the rush of the sea breeze heading into late today and tomorrow. for inland valleys today, another hot day inland. lots of 90s. near 100 out to livermore. san jose, 90s. san francisco around noon, toasty. but later today, this evening, surging into friday, that sea breeze comes back. that will lead to a big drop in temperatures over the next 24 hours. today again, looks hot inland. we should be in the 90s for inland spots.
4:53 am
about five degrees warmer than yesterday. san francisco, real interesting to watch this during the day. high temperature around noon. san francisco will cool off as we head towards the evening. there you see the east bay, tri valley into the 90s. north bay locations for one more day soaring into the 90s. tomorrow temperatures should drop 10, 15 degrees and turn mild and breezy. comfortable. not too chilly as we head through the upcoming labor day weekend. >> thank you very much. watch out for a deer on the roadway on highway 24. >> that's right. highway 24 through oakland hills, coming past telegraph avenue, drivers report that he or she has hit and killed a deer, it's in the road, the lane of traffic. that's a good distance out of the caldecott tunnel. you see slowing on the sensors approaching the area. watch for that as you come through the hills. oakland approaching 580, 590 and the maze.
4:54 am
speeds close to the limit because of light volume of traffic. east shore freeway, 18-minute drive off the carquinez down to the toll plaza. while i warn you about east bay slowing later on today, in the afternoon, this is thursday before labor day, a lot of folks starting their go getaways. construction zone picking up in the next couple of minutes heading off the s-curve and towards treasure island. more traffic heading into the city today as well as folks coming into town and departing town for that labor day traffic. a different flow of traffic today and tomorrow. a $2 million dream home with your name on it -- it could happen with the purchase of a $150 raffle ticket. there is a grand prize that could put you on easy street. we see the home and how it will
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help more than just the winner. >> 3600 square food, mediterranean, heart of san rafael. >> reporter: welcome home. >> when you walk in, the house has a warm feel to it. arched windows. vaulted ceilings, hardwood floors. three fireplaces. >> reporter: the odds of your ticket coming up? better than you think. >> tickets are $150. when you compare it to the lottery, the lottery ticket is a dollar, but the chances of winning that are 25 million to 1. the changeses chances of winni 35,000 to 1. >> it's not the odds that count but the people that do count. >> i know people laughed because we're having a multimillion dollar dream home raffle at the anti-poverty agency. but, you know, it's one segment of the community helping another segment of the community.
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>> while marin is popular for affluence, it leaves a hole in the county. >> we operate programs as diverse as financial education, head start, child development, employment and training, mental health. >> au pair unit, gourmet kitchen, pool, spa, one acre of beautifully manicured gardens, four bedrooms, three living rooms, four bathrooms. what more could you ask for? >> reporter: well, other than the winning raffle ticket, helping those who are unable to afford one. >> your $150 goes to a well rooted national ma rinne county that shows thousands of people every day. >> reporter: with a little luck t can all be yours. but winning ticket or not, you'll be helping those that need it most. >> cool-looking place there. >> gorgeous. talk about a hot time in the old city. find out what's behind some fireballers coming up.
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several questions remain unanswered this morning in an east bay crime spree. a live report coming up. >> and people are bracing for the arrival of hurricane earl. >> as these crews on the golden gate bridge get ready for the morning commute, i'm warning you about changes for your afternoon and evening as folks try to get away for the labor day holiday coming up.

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